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Rent a Passenger Van for Your Mission Trip

Is your church taking a mission trip to Baja California? Don’t cram everyone into three or four separate vehicles. Opt for convenience and comfort with a passenger van rental. When you rent a passenger van, there is plenty of space for people, luggage, and equipment. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages from the team at Sun Diego Car Rental.

Rent a Passenger Van for Your Mission Trip

Stick Together

The ability to reach your destination together is one of the biggest advantages of renting a passenger van. By traveling in groups, you can avoid the inconvenience of bringing extra vehicles and the possibility of someone getting lost while caravanning. Additionally, it prevents your group from adding mileage to their personal vehicles.

Enjoy the Comfort

Put an end to forcing everyone into their individual vehicles. The 15-passenger vans in our fleet have plenty of room for passengers and luggage storage. To best fit the size of your group, we also offer 12-passenger van rentals. For mission teams who require extra space for tools and supplies, our vans are extremely practical.

Leave the Stress Behind

Traveling ought to be enjoyable! Your team will have more time to bond and have the chance to create some priceless moments on the road if everyone is able to ride together. On top of fun road trip games, time in the van can be spent making sure everyone is on the same page for a smoother mission trip. Riding in a single car, dining as a group, and departing together will reduce the stress associated with travel.

Sun Diego Car Rental also offers minivan rentals and cargo van rentals to ensure you get the appropriate vehicle. We conveniently serve San Diego International Airport, Baja California, and Mexico with our extensive fleet of van and car rentals. Contact us today at (619) 298-5990 or book a reservation online.